Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Chinese-American holiday feast

This week, Zester Daily is featuring a series of recipes by me on how to bring China to your holiday table. 

First up is the main course: Roast Turkey with a deep soy and Shaoxing rice marinade, a Spicy Cranberry Compote with flavors from Sichuan, and a classic Cantonese take on stuffing: Lotus Wrapped 8 Treasure Rice

Chinese risotto
This rice dish is nothing less than a luscious risotto studded with Chinese charcuterie and mushrooms, and then steamed in lotus leaves. Yes, it sounds daunting, but it probably calls for less work than its American counterpart (bread stuffing), plus you get to do most of the work ahead of time.

Second up are the vegetables and sides, including vegetarian Dry-Fried Green Beans from Sichuan, as well as a meatless Brussels Sprouts with Satay Sauce that features the flavors of Chaozhou -- it will make a convert out of even the most die-hard sprout hater. 

Also in that article are links to various dishes on this blog: Shanghai's Fava Bean Pâté, Radish Pickles and Fried Sesame Rolls from Sichuan, and Shanxi's Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Sweet and spicy cranberries

Finally, we have the desserts: Double Coconut and Ginger Pumpkin Pie and Triple Coconut Sorbet. The sorbet echoes the tropical tastes of Hainan, China's largest island that lies off the coast of Guangdong, and the pie is a marvelous mixture of East and West, with China's ginger and coconut bouncing off of the Occident's pumpkin and walnuts. 

Both the sorbet and pie are only barely sweet, allowing the full flavors of the spices and pumpkin and coconut to shine through. Your guests -- both Asian and not -- will most likely adore this lighter approach to the final course, since even full bellies can make room for these less than filling sweets.

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