Film consultancy and localization

My husband, J. H. Huang, and I work with the film industry to provide accurate and beautiful designs for their art departments, as well as spectacular translations. 

Most recently, we were cultural consultants for the third Ghostbusters movie directed by Paul Feig (release date July 2016). However, our film work has not always been in concert with Hollywood's elite: Let it be revealed here for the first time that Carolyn's initial movie experience was as an extra in a 1977 Chinese movie that closed the same day as it opened. Such is the business of Tinsel Town.

J.H. is a published authority on the ancient classics and is renowned for his ability to breathe new life into writings from 2,500 years ago, such as The Art of War, or Sun-Tzu. As Fortune described it, this "may be the greatest book on war ever written... Time-tested poetry for the strategic mind."

I too am happy to refer to myself as a scholar. My work has been published in such respected journals as Gastronomica and Best Food Writing 2015, and my upcoming books on the foods of China will be released by two major publishers: McSweeney's and Ten Speed Press. 

Cultural advisors

Together we are able to provide art directors and set designers with an absolutely unique resource for making beautiful realities out of such subjects as: 

  • ancient China 
  • martial arts epics
  • fantasies 
  • science fiction
  • movie versions of comic books 
  • modern comedies
  • crime and dramas

In addition, Carolyn is a professional artist and designer, and so she can help visually translate an art department's vision into amazing set designs. 

J.H. and Carolyn are both completely bilingual and bicultural. The two of them have a combined 80 years of experience working between their two languages, and they presently offer the following services:

  • Realtime interpretations of Mandarin Chinese or English for in-script dialogue
  • Precise, beautiful details for historical dramas, including proper language, costumes, foods, and dialogue
  • Signage translation
  • Linguistic consultation
  • Competitive rates
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Full-time or part-time consultancy
  • Complete confidentiality and accuracy
  • On-site availability
  • Localization services from English to Chinese 
  • Localization services from Chinese to English


Subtitling is an art, and when it comes to films, too many things get lost as they travel from English to Chinese or back again. No two languages are as different as these two, which is why so many interpretations suffer as a result, and also why kung fu movies have traditionally had almost comical subtitles. 

We, though, are able to bridge this enormous gap and provide beautiful translations on a variety of subjects. 

And nothing ever gets lost along the way. 

That is why our subtitling service is called "localization": We work to bring beautiful sense to your dialogue, no matter whether it is from English into Chinese - or vice versa - by interpreting the entire film, including its subtle references, into another language and culture. In other words, nothing will be lost on someone in Shanghai who is watching your remake of Pride and Prejudice, just as a moviegoer in Des Moines will able to become completely absorbed in the latest Chinese martial arts thriller.

Unlike every other film localization service out there, we do not farm out our work to translators of varying degrees of skill. Rather, we personally assume complete responsibility for turning scripts into fluid renditions that capture all of the screenwriter and director's nuances, humor, and poetry.

Here are some examples of what we do really well and that few others offer:

  • Modern slang for everything from crime to comedy
  • We accurately convey the rhythm of the speaker so that the audience feels they are almost hearing it in another language
  • Attention to a comfortable reading rate for the filmgoer
  • Expert word substitution when necessary, as with double entendres or cultural references that are impossible to translate accurately
  • A native English speaker and a native Chinese speaker work continuously together to ensure optimum quality throughout the film

For more information, please contact us:
madamehuang [at] gmail [dot] com