The Lucky Peach "Dim Sum Field Guide"

When Lucky Peach published the Dim Sum Field Guide I wrote and illustrated for their "Chinatown" issue, I was awfully proud. News of this was picked up by places like Grub Street and L A Weekly, where kind words were said.

And then Buzzfeed reprinted it, where it has received over 350,000 hits at last count.

And then the nice folks at Lucky Peach reprinted it as an eight-page pamphlet to hand out at the MAD Symposium in Copenhagen in Summer 2013, a fun fact that is still a tad bit too unreal for me to wrap my head around. 

And now lots of readers have asked whether they could take a look at this field guide. 

And so here you go... created by the talented Mr. Chris Ying for the Lucky Peach website.

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