Monday, May 30, 2011

Elizabeth Andoh on Kansha

I had the great honor and joy of accompanying noted Japanese cuisine authority - and friend - Elizabeth Andoh on part of her book tour back in February. 

Elizabeth was in town to promote her fabulous new work on Japan's traditional vegan cuisine, Kansha, and the this book is nothing short of stunning.

We found out that we had much in common, as we both went to the Far East at a tender age and fell in love with the culture, cuisine, and a local guy. But the comparisons end there because Elizabeth is one of the leading world authorities on Japanese cuisine.  The author of such essential works as Washoku and At Home with Japanese Cooking, Elizabeth has now broken new ground with the wonderful Kansha.

Modern masters
While she was in town, we visited the Legion of Honor in SF where Elizabeth became acquainted with a Picasso =>

We also had dinner with friends who were celebrating the Lantern Festival with a huge potluck in Lafayette, and this was right after EA had given a talk on Kansha at the Borders in Berkeley.

But the highlight of her visit for most people had to be the demonstration she gave at Hodo Soy in Oakland. It was nothing short of alchemy as she turned simple ingredients like dried mushrooms and seaweed into the most fragrant sauce imaginable. Gracious hostess that she is, she offered everyone generous tastes of some of the dishes that had been prepared from her new recipes.

This post will be short because I want you to enjoy Elizabeth in her own words when she spoke at Hoda Soy, although more on EA and her many books can be found on her own website, a Taste of Culture.  Here's the video.  Enjoy!

Kansha from C J Phillips on Vimeo.

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