Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Dongpo pork featured on today's "Pork Memoirs"

In the terrific online magazine "Pork Memoirs," the noble pig is discussed, eaten, and remembered. As editor Jeffrey Yoskowitz says, this is a "complicated meat." 

I've been fortunate to be featured in today's issue, where I talk about that divine Jiangsu dish known as Dongpo Pork and how we came to be acquainted with each other.

Those of you who would like to try your hand at Dongpo Pork will be amazed at not only how easy it is, but (more importantly) how this is probably the most delicious thing possible to put on a plate. 

The only essential imperative for achieving success is that you use only the best ingredients possible. Period.


  1. Ooh, lovely, I linked to your dongpo pork article the other week. (I didn't actually make it because I forgot to buy enough wine. I did red-cooked pork instead.)

  2. Thanks, kake. Red-cooked pork is always a great alternative!