Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A whole lotta articles in this week's Zester Daily

Been writing a whole lot lately for the online food magazine Zester Daily, and lots of my things are up on their main page this week, including:

A video of Chef Kam Wo Au making Dragon Whisker Candy, and

A story on the Phipps Country Store in Pescadero that has produced a completely unique form of bean.

Recent reviews of books are still up by such wonderful authors as Ferran Adria, Heidi Swanson, and Anita Lo.

More to come, including a Chinese-American Christmas celebration, complete with turkey and all the trimmings. Stay tuned!

But first, here is a video of an incredible barbeque crew in San Luis Obispo, California. Half the fun is watching the guys from McClintock's work and perform...