Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interview on Speaking of China

Unless you are one of us, you might have never heard of the Chinese phrase yangxifu (literally "Western daughters-in-law," the collective name for most non-Asians women married to Chinese men). 

We used to be rather rare, since it seemed to be that it was always the white guys who were marrying Asians and not the other way around. But the tide is changing. 

One of the most widely read yangxifu around is Jocelyn Eikenburg, the brains behind her immensely popular website, Speaking of China

She talks about a huge gamut of things with her many readers -- including life in China and that most terrifying of subjects, the Chinese mother-in-law -- and addresses what seems to be a great need for information that is pretty much unavailable elsewhere. 

Jocelyn and I finally got together, though, to chat not about those things, but rather to delve into one of my favorite subjects: Chinese cuisine.

In this article called "Ask the Yangxifu: Carolyn J. Phillips on Charming a Chinese Family Through Food," Jocelyn talked with me about everything from the role food played during my courtship with now-husband (and then-boyfriend) J. H. Huang to one of my favorite questions, "What Chinese food-related dos and don’ts do you wish someone had told you before you married your husband?

Check out the interview if you have the chance, and if you know someone who is either married to or going out with a Chinese guy, let her know about Jocelyn and her unique site.

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