Saturday, December 29, 2012

Buzzfeed reprints my Lucky Peach dim sum guide

Last month the great food magazine Lucky Peach published a history of dim sum I had written for its Chinatown issue, as well as a field guide to the 24 most popular things you can get at a Cantonese-style teahouse. 

And now, the equally great Buzzfeed has reprinted that field guide (and a bit of that background history as a teaser) on its website here

Instead of the line drawings I made for Lucky Peach, this time around there's actual photographs of the actual dishes, which gives my peek into traditional South Chinese brunch a whole new look. 

You can almost smell the chicken feet, and that's a very good thing. Check it out...

The Essential Guide To Dim Sum

Know exactly how to order thanks to this breakdown of 24 dishes, including photos and Chinese pronunciation.


Unusual suspects for a great meal
Nowadays, the term "dim sum" (點心 in written Chinese, and pronounced dian xin in Mandarin) is a meal—usually taken on a weekend morning—that encompasses a vast roster of small dishes selected from carts.
In the beginning, dim sum was a verb that merely meant “to eat a little something.” Cantonese dim sum culture began in tearooms in the latter half of the nineteenth century in the city of Guangzou, possibly because of the recent ban of opium dens. It spread and gained popularity—especially in nearby Hong Kong...

Read the rest on Buzzfeed!
Photos from Buzzfeed's website.

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