Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cookbook news and some delicious awards

Color me excited: Food52 has named my Zhajiang Noodle recipe a Wildcard Contest Winner and a Community Pick! 

This magazine also recently published my guide to Chinese cooking equipment. Coming up on the same site will be my guide to essential Chinese ingredients. Stay tuned... 

The other great news is that McSweeney's is going to publish my upcoming cookbook -- ALL UNDER HEAVEN: RECIPES FROM THE 35 CUISINES OF CHINA -- in tandem with Ten Speed Press. 

What's so great about this is that Ten Speed is such a large and well-respected publishing house that ALL UNDER HEAVEN will receive much better marketing that could have ever been possible before. The down side is that its publication date has been pushed back to April 2016, but that gives Ten Speed time to include AUH in its spring catalog. So, my sincere apologies for this short setback. Do know that it's already to go and I'm already working on my next book, THE DIM SUM FIELD GUIDE, which will also be published by Ten Speed.

McSweeney's has finished the layout, and I have to say that it looks fantastic:
They've managed to include my illustrations on just about every page, and when you consider that this book is going to weigh in at over 500 pages, that's pretty exciting.

The lovely and talented Ken Hom has written the most beautiful foreword, and I can't thank the Godfather of Chinese Cuisine enough for his support and mentorship. 

Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available. 


  1. That's great news! The more exposure the better! looking forward to publication in spring 2016.
    And I am not surprised the Zhajiang noodles got an award, they are one of my favorites too!

  2. How exciting! Is there any possibility of an ebook version? 500 pages will be very expensive to ship outside the U.S.

    1. Thanks, Polly! I'll certainly ask, and there is also the possibility that foreign publishers might pick up rights to it, so who knows? Will keep you posted if I hear anything, and thanks again.