Friday, January 29, 2016

Your very own Chinese New Year recipe guide

Photo courtesy of Food52
Chinese New Year is on the immediate horizon, so as a friendly service reminder, I thought I’d provide you with this handy dandy guide. All of these (in my humble opinion) are fantastic recipes that will help make your celebrations complete. Most are from this blog, but you’ll also find links in there to recipes published in such places as Food52, Zester Daily, Swallow Daily, and The Huffington Post. And, come August, just about every one will be included in my upcoming All Under Heaven: Recipes from the 35 Cuisines of China (McSweeney's + Ten Speed, 2016).

And, to get you in the mood, here's an article that just went up on Food52 called “How to Eat with the 24 Chinese Seasons.” 

Yunnan's mushrooms


Smoked amberjack collar

Veggie jiaozi and homemade wrappers
New Year jiaozi
Shunde fish puffs

Sides and starches:

Laughing doughnut holes
Sweet rice dishes:

Cakes and pastries:


During your kitchen breaks, relax with some fun stuff. Here for your entertainment are some things I’ve posted over the years...

My short story “Monkey Eve” was published in Alimentum and then was included in Best Food Writing 2015.

"Monkey Eve"

Ever heard of dragon whisker candy? You'll find that this a very fun video on a truly amazing sweet.

Dragon whisker candy

Finally – and I admit this has zero to do with food – we have here   a video I made a couple of years ago of a murmuration of starlings up in California’s Wine Country.
Nature can seriously blow your mind at times

Best wishes for the New Year!

Except for the top photo by Food52, all other photos and illustrations are copyright (c) 2016 by Carolyn Phillips 


  1. L. Caitlin JorgensenMarch 29, 2016 at 8:22 PM

    My students at Skidmore College read "Monkey Eve" earlier this semester, and they loved it! Several students have said they want to emulate your style. One student wrote a rhetorical analysis essay on the ways you connect food and relationships. Thank you for this essay.
    We have one question that you may be able to help us with. "Monkey Eve" was published in July 2014, but the setting is the transition from the Year of the Ram to the Year of the Monkey. Did you write the essay in 2003 / 2004? Did you write it more recently, anticipating the New Year that would take place in 2016? Or did you fictionalize the Ram-to-Monkey transition as a symbol or for some other reason?
    Caitlin Jorgensen
    Department of English
    Skidmore College

    1. Thank you so much. This is an amazing and very unexpected honor. Wow. I would love to see that essay!

      Actually, this all happened 24 years ago. I really was relying on actual memories of a day in 1992 when all the puzzle pieces in my new family just sort of fell into place. I can still smell his sandalwood soap, the resiny aroma of his ink, and the amazing dishes that would sail out of his kitchenette. My father-in-law was a truly sweet man, and I learned so much about cooking (and life) from him.

      Again, my heartfelt thanks.